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Moving Sale

I'm selling all my JE and Kpop goods. All are brand new unless stated. I do ship internationally but right now I prefer Philippine buyers because it's easy for me to ship the order. For international buyers, it may take 5-10 days before I can ship the order. Prices are in Philippine Peso. Pictures are available upon request.

JE Official Goods

Arashi Love Tote Bag  - 1340
Arashi Love Ribbon Bracelet (Purple)
Arashi Popcorn Live Earphone Jack Accessory (Blue)  - 890
Arashi Popcorn Live Decorative Sticker  - 500
Arashi Popcorn Live Mini Uchiwa (Sakurai Sho)  - 500
Arashi Popcorn Live Jumbo Uchiwa (Sakurai Sho)  - 800
Arashi Popcorn Live Jumbo Uchiwa (Ohno Satoshi)  - 800
Arashi Arafes 2013 Cup and Ice Tray (Blue)
Arashi Arafes 2012 Penlight  - 1300
Arashi Arafes 2012 Jumbo Uchiwa  - 800
Arashi Arafes 2012 Clearfile  - 650
Arashi Arafes 2012 Pin Badge Set B  - 800
Arashi 5x10 T-shirt  - 1800

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anan no. 1789 (cover: Jin Akanishi)  - 680
anan no. 1790 (cover: Matsumoto Jun)  - 680
anan no. 1800 (cover: Aiba Masaki)  - 680
H Magazine vol. 110 (cover: Arashi)  - 1100
M-Girl 2012 SS (cover: Aiba Masaki)  - 1000
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Singles / Albums

Arashi Calling / Breathless Limited Edition A (Japan)  - 700
Arashi Your Eyes Regular Edition (Japan)  - 540
Arashi Popcorn Limited Edition (Hongkong)  - 1000
Arashi Lotus CD+DVD (Korea)  - 690
KAT-TUN Ultimate Wheels First Press Regular Edition (Japan)  - 690
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JE Shop Photos http://jkpopshop.weebly.com/official-and-unofficial-photos.html
- 150 each

JE Fanmade Goods

Adjustable Rings (Silver) for 400 each - Jin / Ueda / Kame
Earrings (1 Earring only) for 350 each - Kame / Yamapi / Jin / Toma
Aiba Masaki Keikarou Straps (Black/Pink/White) - 350 each
Yamapi Red bracelet - 350

IMG_2280 IMG_2284

Jrock Goods

Scandal Pinheel Surfer w/ Limited Edition Pin Badge - 670
Scandal Queens are Trumps Regular Edition - 1430

Kpop Goods


FREE Shipping on all cards

Infinite Koi ni Ochiru Toki Regular Edition Hoya photocard
Infinite Koi ni Ochiru Toki L Myungsoo postcard - 1120
Infinite New Challenge Woohyun postcard - 670
Infinite New Challenge Hoya postcard - 670
Infinite New Challenge SungYeol postcard - 670
Infinite She's Back Japan FC postcard - 890
Infinite She's Back Sung Jong postcard - 890
Infinite Destiny Hoya postcard - 670
Infinite Destiny Woohyun postcard - 670
Infinite Destiny Dongwoo postcard - 670

IMG_2258 IMG_2257 IMG_2256
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Kpop backpacks/tote bag

  • FT Island (backpack) - 650

  • Infinite (backpack) - 650

  • EXO (tote bag) - 400

  • Bigbang Alive (backpack) - 630

  • 2PM (backpack) - 650


Various kpop ballers - 50 each

Kpop Acrylic Phone Strap - Php 180 each


Kpop style accessories

DBSK Hero Style Necklace - Php 270
SHINee Onew Style Bracelet (18cm) - Php 360
SHINee Minho Style Union Wristband - Php 315


Japan Mini Keychains (BANDAI, Tomy Takara) - Php 250 each

Prince of Tennis, One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, etc.

Thanks for looking! ^_^


Hello everyone,

The Redemptorist Advocates of Iligan City in which I am a member, is planning to raise funds for the victims of Typhoon Haiyen (Yolanda) particularly in Leyte. Since what I can donate is very limited because I'm planning to take my masters degree this semester, I have decided to sell some of my goods so that I can give more for the typhoon victims. Hope you can help me.

Here are some of the goods I'm selling.

JE clearfiles - Php 650 each *20% of the proceeds will go the typhoon victims*

Arashi Arafes 2012 (Group)
Arashi Beautiful World (Aiba Masaki)
Arashi Waku-waku 2012 (Aiba Masaki)
Arashi Waku-waku 2012 (Ninomiya Kazunari)
Arashi Waku-waku 2012 (Ohno Satoshi)
Arashi Waku-waku 2011
KAT-TUN Chain (Kamenashi Kazuya)
KAT-TUN Chain (Group)
KAT-TUN Dream Boys (Nakamaru Yuichi)
KAT-TUN Real Face (Group)
KAT-TUN Queen of Pirates (Group)
KAT-TUN Break the Records (Jin Akanishi)
Hey!Say!JUMP 2011 Summary (Group)
Hey!Say!JUMP 2012 New Year Concert (Chinen Yuri)
Hey!Say!JUMP 2012 New Year Concert (Nakajima Yuto)
Kis-My-Ft2 de Show Vol.3 (Group)
Kis-My-Ft2 de Show 2009 (Group)
NEWS 2007 Concert (Shigeaki Kato)
Kanjani8 (Group)

Pictures Here

JE Shop Photos - Php 130 each *20% of the proceeds will go the typhoon victims*

Shop Photos Here

JE Magazine Clippings - ignore the price, just make an offer *100% of the proceeds will go the typhoon victims*

Pictures Here

Unofficial / Fanmade Item (click link)
*30% of the proceeds will go the typhoon victims*

Nino Mario and Kaibutsukun inspired pouch - Php 125 each
Kaibutsu-kun plush - Php 125
Aiba Masaki Keikarou Straps - Php 350 each
Adjustable Rings (Ohno, Ueda, Kame, Jin, Toma, Yamapi) - Php 400 each
Earring (Arashi, Yamapi, Kame, Jin , Toma) - Php 350 each
Yamapi Red Bracelet - Php 400

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks in advance!


Otanjoubi Omedetou Matsujun!

Happy 28th Birthday Matsujun!
Yey! *throws confetti*

Happy Birthday also to mirei_22 ^__^

Praying for Japan

I'm praying for all the people of Japan. 

I heard Arashi are safe. I hope Inoue Mao is safe also.


 Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New Year to all! May we always have Peace, Love and Joy in our hearts.



 Just finished downloading "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" by Julia Child. I immediately dig for it after watching Julie&Julia. Meryl Streep is always amazing. I enjoyed the movie a lot. I felt hungry while watching. The food looks delicious. I'd like to do some of Julia's recipes one of these days. Tomorrow I'm gonna read the book.. ^__^  Some said that it isn't a conventional cookbook in the sense that it's not reader-friendly. The ingredients are not placed on top of the procedures but I don't care as long as the recipes are yummy :D

Good mornight (morning and night in one :D) everyone!  Oh by the way, I watched Salt yesterday ^^. I enjoyed Angie's action scenes. I guess there's a sequel to it. Hope there will be more action scenes in it... Okay I'm going to bed now.. 

Talented Pinoys :)

I was browsing La Diva's videos on Youtube and I came across this:La Diva's version of Mahal Kita (I love you). Love these talented ladies. They are one of the underrated singers here in the Philippines. La Diva is composed of Aicelle Santos, Jonalyn Viray and Maricris Garcia. Mahal Kita is the OST of Marimar (Philippine adaptation) sang by Maricris Garcia. Mahal Kita by Maricris Garcia Marimar is also a big hit in the Philippines. In it's farewell episode it got 52.9% ratings. Marimar is also shown internationally. Recently it was shown in China and Hawaii. Sorry this is so random. I feel like I just want to share to you talented Filipino artists. ^____^

misswoodihut's Little Charity Auction

I would like to support misswoodihut  (a fellow Filipino) in her charity auction by spreading the word. I wanted to bid but sadly I can't afford that luxury (yes, it is :( ) right now. Anyway, we are not going to talk about my current life. So, going back to the topic, misswoodihut  is selling her Mao x Jun magazines and some Arashi magazines. Please go HERE if you want to know more about this cause. The bidding period will be from September 8-17, 2010. If you have extra money, please bid. This will mean a lot. Thanks for reading this post ^__^

Greatest Live Performance Ever

For me, Queen's Live Aid performance is the greatest live performance of all time. The band was able to command the audience to do what they'd like them to do (i.e. sing along with the band, clap hands) even though not all of them (audience) are die-hard fans. Live Aid is actually a multi-artist concert. Meaning there are other bands/artists performing. And there is no playback or sound check allowed. Yet the band was able to pull off their greatest performance ever.  (RIP Freddie) Bohemian Rhapsody and Radio Gaga Hammer Fall and Crazy Little Thing Called Love We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions

Best of Firehouse